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At Aneta Kidz, we utilize expertise, thoughtfulness and care in crafting our garments – right down to the smallest detail. We only use organic, earth-friendly fabrics (grown with sustainable farming techniques and without pesticides) that not only feel good to wear but are safe for those with sensitive skins.

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About Us

The roots of Aneta Kidz are creativity, passion, expertise, knowledge, and everything else involved in the effort to achieve outstanding results and improving the everyday lives of our customers, making their days easier and convenient. The seeds of Aneta Kidz organic clothing were planted at the end of 2015 by European textile stylist and designer Zaneta Pogrmic. Founded on her devotion to use organics fabric to create practical and comfortable clothing for oversized preteen and teenage kids, while improving their self-esteem. Her clothing reflects her incredible passion for design, fashion, and natural living, which raises global awareness about the benefits of organic clothing. Aneta Kidz clothing is made in USA, Brooklyn NY from certified organic cotton, and designed and crafted with thoughtfulness and care, right down to the smallest detail.


Why Organic

Conventional cotton growers spray 55 million pounds of pesticides into the atmosphere annually. Organic cotton, is grown without the use of chemicals. Farmers of organic cotton demonstrate a desire not only to be more environmentally conscious of their land but also to be conscious of their customers' well-being and the bottom line. Certified Organic is a title that is given to an item only when strict guidelines, created by the National Organic Standards Board, are met. Every step in the production of the item must meet these guidelines, from the soil where the raw materials are grown to the processing facilities in which the clothing is created. Fabric may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about living a healthier lifestyle, but it definitely should be considered.


Benefit For You

Hypoallergenic and Antibacterial

The chemical poisons used in traditional cotton farming are very abrasive and can lead to skin irritations, respiratory problems, and terrible allergic reactions, even in adults. Many children develop bad rashes, sores, hives, and other painful or uncomfortable ailments due to the metals and chemicals present in traditional cotton. Because organic cotton is harvested without any of these irritants, sleepwear and clothing made from this material are hypoallergenic.

Unrivaled confort

The soft texture and perfect fit of our casual clothing will provide freedom of movements and a relaxing time.


The production of organic cotton utilizes no dangerous pesticides, chemicals, or heavy metals, all of which can enter the groundwater and contaminate the soil for miles around. In addition, the use of these chemicals can cause irreparable harm to wildlife and plant species that come in contact with them, not to mention farmers in developing countries who utilize pesticides to manage insect blight.

Long-Lasting Style

Because organic cotton fibers do not suffer the same processes—bleaching, dyeing, scouring, and other chemical treatments—as traditional cotton does, the material is far more durable.

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