Colorful Feather Unisex 2 Pieces Soft Cozy Pajama Set / Made in Brooklyn NY / GOTS Certified Organic cotton

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Appropriate for kids with sensitive skin and allergies

Be cool at pajama day in school was the inspiration to create pajamas that are no toxic, soft and comfortable. A gentle touch in design makes them easy to wear outside of the house all day long. 

Made of highest thread count 100% organic interlock fabric which is a double knit construction that makes a thicker fabric with the smoothest surface to ensure unique and superior softness, durability and hypoallergenic qualities that is so important for kids with skin conditions and extra sensitive skin.

GOTS certification also means that all our fabric was produced using environmentally friendly standards with fair wages and no child labor. So every purchase from Aneta Kidz also supports a good cause.

Our 100% organic fabric does not have any chemicals that can irritate a child's skin or disrupt their hormonal balance.

Aneta Kidz pajamas are machine washable and dryer-friendly to withstand years of use and love.

Encompassing the minimalist hallmarks of European design, Aneta Kidz aims to create a variety of enjoyable, safe products for eco-conscious families.

Snug fit for safe sleep. No Flame Retardants