Happy Valentine's Day Penguine Nina

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Cotton, King of fabric. This is, what our products are made of, to give a royal treatment to your child’s skin.

Aneta Kidz cuddly little stuffed Valentine's Penguin is the perfect gift for children of all ages.

Hand embroidered eyes are the most delightful embellishment on the soft cotton surface giving each face unique expression.

These adorable cotton animals are lovingly and carefully crafted using exquisite, GOTS Certified Handpicked 100% Organic Cotton, without the use of pesticides or chemicals throughout the entire production, which makes it safe especially for sensitive skin.

Toys are stuffed with 100% World Class Wool which is imported from Wool harvested in the most premier places in the world including South America, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe. World Class Wool is handpicked and the growers have met the highest standards.

Encompassing the minimalist hallmarks of European design, Aneta Kidz aims to create a variety of enjoyable, safe products for eco-conscious families.