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  • Bedtime Will Never Be the Same

    Bedtime Will Never Be the Same

    All of our sleepwear is designed for a perfect night's sleep because it's made to move and stretch in the most comfortable way possible.


Our Promise

All of our fabrics are made of 100% organic cotton to ensure there are no irritants that come in contact with your child's skin. Our sleepwear and clothing is fully hypoallergenic. We make healthy clothing.

Did you know that organic cotton creates 46% less greenhouse gases? Organic cotton also uses less water, reduces the potential for soil erosion and could reduce energy demand by close to 62%. So we can protect the planet for future generations.

We put a lot of care into every single piece of clothing we produce. Many of our items are even hand finished in a small studio in Brooklyn, New York. We won't compromise on quality for anything.

We create playful purpose
to protect the future.

At Aneta Kidz, we focus on health, sustainability and quality every single day. But we never forget to play. That's how we're building a culture of Playful Purpose, that every one of our employees, partners and customers can stand behind.